Here's some answers to some commonly asked questions

Will you really bring a car to me to test drive?

You bet we will! Simply connect with us via e-mail, phone call or text message and we will happily coordinate a convenient time and place to bring you a vehicle to look at.

Can I buy a vehicle sight unseen?

Yes you can! Many of our clients request full inspections and a host of images to ensure they know exactly what they are getting. We pride ourselves on ensuring you know everything possible about any vehicle we have - so you can shop with confidence at Avenue Garage.

Are you AMVIC Licensed?

Absolutely! Our entire team is fully licensed and insured. In Alberta, we are pleased to work with AMVIC to ensure our customers know that we follow a strict ethical way of conducting business.

Do you offer financing?

We sure do! We work with many private and public lenders and financial institutions to ensure we can offer you a financing solution that fits your needs.

What fees are involved?

At Avenue Garage, we don't feel the need to charge our clients for the privilege of doing business with us! We have to collect GST for the government, and we collect a $ 6.25 AMVIC fee on each vehicle, but there are not now, nor will there ever be, any sort of Documentation Fee, Financial Placement Fee or whatever other ridiculous charges that dealerships try to get you to pay.